Free legal help

Legal problems can be serious and frightening, and for many people lawyers are unaffordable.

But everyone has the right to high quality legal help – that’s where Baywide Community Law comes in.

What's New?

Baywide is currently looking for a junior/intermediate lawyer and a part time client coordinator to join our team in Tauranga. See Junior-Intermediate Lawyer and Client Coordinator for more information.

Baywide Community Law provides free legal advice to people on low incomes, or with disabilities or other disadvantages.

We provide free legal information and education to everyone in our community.

We ensure access to legal services for people who live along the Bay of Plenty coast, from Waihi to Te Kaha. We can help with all kinds of legal problems, including family, employment and housing issues, criminal matters and Māori Land.

Read more about how we can help you and our eligibility criteria on our Legal Services page. If you’re unsure, then please contact us and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

We offer free legal information to everyone in the community,

and one-on-one legal advice to people on low incomes,
with disabilities or other disadvantages.

Baywide helps people to help themselves by sharing legal knowledge and education.

We can provide free tailored education sessions to community groups on a range of legal topics. To find out more about these sessions please check out the Community Education page, or contact us.